Fibre optic sensing for timely, automatic and cost-effective passenger announcements at platforms.

Timely Platform Announcement

Deutsche Bahn successfully tested timely passenger announcement. The first test results exceeded the requirement specification for automated announcement systems.

Next step is to finalize the proof of concept by integrating the solution in the daily operation.

Deutsche Bahn is required to warn the waiting passengers on the platform of passing trains within a specific time window. Today this is usually done manually. Automatic warning systems only exist at some stations and are very expensive.

The first pilot project in 2016 successfully verified that the quality of the train speed measurement and the resulting announcement on a virtual platform is sufficient for use as a timely passenger warning. The first-generation FOS systems already met the accuracy requirements of the requirement specification.

Due to the first positive results, a 40 km POC will be performed in 2020 on the Berlin - Dresden route. If this first phase is completed successfully, the entire Berlin - Dresden line will be equipped with this technology in a second phase and all remaining relevant platforms in a third phase.

Author: Andy Lämmerhirt, DB Netz AG