“Together we shape the world of FOS for rail.”

Fibre Optic Sensing for Railways Association

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Powerful Network


As the Fibre Optic Sensing for Railways Association, short FOS4R, we create a powerful network, provide a global platform in order to work on specification and standardization and organize jointly development work streams. FOS4R will give a forum to share experience, information and will offer consultation to every partner or interested partner.  

The railway market records constant growth due to the need for ecologically viable public and freight transportation that is capable of handling the evermore demand for higher capacities. This trend consequently formulates challenging requirements for the railway sector. Fibre Optic Sensing can be an essential part of this challenging endeavor, by providing applicable and reliable real-time information as well as security. Information about the current condition of rolling stock and infrastructure as well as the location of every train at every time supports predictive maintenance, efficient use of dispositional slack and automated operations. 

Pioneering Technology


The motivation and vision is, to enable Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to become a beneficial operating technology for railways. 

"Fibre Optic Sensing will change the railway world. FOS4R will accelerate the benefit for every member! "

– Max Schubert, President of FOS4R

Industry Collaboration

About FOS4R

Our members come from a wide range of organizations such as technology suppliers, rail infrastructure companies and scientific institutions in order to assure integrated collaboration. The FOS4R association was found on 20th September 2019 in Passau.

Founding Members:

  • Max Schubert (DB), President of FOS4R
  • Christian Pucher (Frauscher Sensonic), Vice-president
  • Andreas Eichhorn (TU Darmstadt), Financial activities 
  • Bernd Drapp (AP Sensing), Association’s secretary
  • Ivan Vidović (TU Graz), Association’s secretary


Further Members:

  • Klaus Leithner (ÖBB)
  • Patrick Pohl (DB)
  • Rene Zeilinger (Frauscher Sensonic)
  • Anneliese Fraser
  • YOU
Why Joining?


Our aim is to initiate and promote profitable applications in the railway sector based on fibre optic sensors, in particular Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS):

Identification and research of applications of fibre optic sensors in railway applications

Initiator for politics and business to promote research and application

Specification and standardization of solution concepts

Collaboration with all institutions operating in this field at home and abroad

Knowledge transfer and publication of knowledge and experience gained through publications and the organization of events

Research Coordination

Providing a platform on which researchers and developers can exchange and network on the topic of the association's purpose